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The Great Design Debate: Craftsman Farmhouse

Farmhouses may have come first but Craftsman style homes have definitely caught up in popularity. Although they have different design elements that make them unique they have a certain quality in common. They both feel traditional and classically American. Craftsman homes are often more detailed and contain more custom built in and use higher quality wood. Farmhouses are simpler, with a wrap around porch and minimal detailing. Each design permeates the United States and has earned its place as a classic and well loved home design. 

Where did Craftsman houses and Farmhouse emerge?

The furniture maker Gustav Stickley coined the term “Craftsman” after he published his magazine with the same name in 1901. The style was a revolt against the mass production of homes and emphasized traditional simplicity over elaborate or foreign styles. Craftsman style used local materials and depended on hard work and attention to detail. The most recognizable feature on these homes are the tapered column, feeling both stately and unpretentious at the same time. The taper in the columns creates the feeling of height while also looking less imposing. These homes often have hand carved wood elements including book shelves and other built in furniture. The Craftsman color palette has often been referred to as an autumn palette. The natural wood and the warm tones pair well together and create the classic look we love. The roof is low pitched, triangular and has wide, overhanging eaves. Double hanging windows that have separate panes of glass on the top and bottom bring in lots of natural light while adding to the signature look. Craftsman style is a classic design that will continue to be a favorite for years to come, and these well built homes will last the test of time. 

Farmhouses have a much older history, dating back to the 1700’s. Originally colonial settlers built these themselves. Often simple, functional and with no fancy elements. From the outside the large wrap around porches are a giveaway for this design. Like the Craftsman style, Farmhouses also have pillars in front. The difference is they are not tapered and are often made of wood instead of painted or made of another material. Metal accents like aluminum railings and other metal touches contrast beautifully with the natural wood. Following the practical theme, the interior is simple with the front of the house designed for entertaining, a large country style kitchen in the back and stairs leading to all the bedrooms upstairs. Like Craftsman style, warm neutral tones are most often used. travel anywhere across this country and farmhouses will permeate your journey, both brand new and hundreds of years old. This style is woven into our history and continues to be one of the most popular styles nation-wide. 

If the highest quality products, detailed features and classic design are your priorities then find or build yourself a Craftsman style home; However, if you lean towards simplicity, functionality and historical charm go with a farmhouse. Both styles have their allure, specialties and unique beauty. Although they have plenty of similarities, their differences are a matter of lifestyle and esthetic. Whichever one you choose, you are sure to feel deeply at home in these beautiful, beloved, classic homes.