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ADU in Santa Barbara 

The loophole to Added Income 

Accessory dwelling units are the best way to create more space without remodeling your entire home. Whether it is for guests, family members or renters, an ADU solves a multitude of problems in one small space. Santa Barbara is a hot spot for tourism and with that comes heavy pressure for rentals, airbnb’s and hotels. As people have started leaning away from hotels, ADU’s offer residents a fantastic opportunity. If you are looking for an easy way to upgrade your Santa Barbara home, look no further than the ADU. The ADU permitting process was streamlined in 2020 and since then they have been popping up like crazy.

What is an ADU?

ADU’s can be many things; separate structures, units over the garage, basement apartments, or pop outs connected to the original house. No matter how you choose to create your space there are a few guidelines to follow. They must be added to and in proximity to a primary housing unit. There is no minimum lot size, so anyone with a single family home may build one ADU. The size limitations vary depending on what it is for but it cannot exceed fifty percent of the original home. The new building cannot be taller than the house, unless it is built over the garage, then it can reach up to 17 feet. They cannot be sold as a separate parcel from the main house, which is fine since most of them will be rented out anyway. This may seem like a lot of guidelines, but the city has made it easy for individuals to build these helpful spaces. 

It is no secret that Santa Barbara is expensive. Every option for making it more affordable should be taken advantage of. Building an adu santa barbara for family members is also a much less expensive option than buying another property. Having your family close can be a double edged sword and having a separate space eases some of the issues. Known as “granny flats,” these spaces were originally for in-laws, elderly parents and grandparents to stay when they can no longer live by themselves. As housing becomes more scarce and prices increase, the number of families and friends choosing to cohabitate is rising. ADU’s are no longer the exception, they are becoming the rule. Between 2018 and 2022 the California jurisdictions permitted 33,881 new units.

Building an ADU in Santa Barbara is the future. and they are the answer to Santa Barbara’s housing crisis. The city is notorious for being strict but this may be the one exception. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to add value to your own piece of paradise. The options are endless and now is the perfect time to add value to your property and fill a need in the rental market.