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Santa Barbara Style Homes 

While Santa Barbara’s architectural landscape is diverse, the dominant architectural style is the Spanish mediterranean architectural style. Santa Barbara was first inhabited and developed by the Spanish as early as the 1600s. There is a huge historical Spanish influence in the Santa Barbara landscape, evidenced by the region’s architecture.  

The exterior paint scheme is essential in recreating the home styles seen in Santa Barbara. Whether you want to recreate the quintessential Santa Barbara home style, mediterranean style, Tuscan style, or the mid-century modern style, you need the exterior paint scheme to accentuate the overall design philosophy. 

#1. Santa Barbara Style Homes

In many regards, the Santa Barbara architectural style is all about paying homage to the Spanish style that is prevalent and dominant across Santa Barbara’s landscape. Some refer to this style as the Modern-Spanish style as it features low roof pitches, terracotta tiling, red tiles for roofing, while the walls are thick plastered and white-washed akin to Spanish style homes. 

These are elements the Santa Barbara style borrows from the colonial Spanish architectural design. However, Santa Barbara homes feature a more modern feel and aesthetics while incorporating better practicality. 

As such, the Santa Barbara style calls for the use of the color white or mostly neutral white color with a hint of warmth by mixing with the color cream. 

#2. Tuscan Style 

In many ways, the Tuscan Style is modeled after Italian architecture. In practice, the Santa Barbara and Tuscan home styles share a lot in common. However, the Tuscan style features earthy brown and warmer tones. As such, for a Tuscan style, the choice of colors is markedly different from the Santa Barbara style.

#3. Mid-Century Modern

Another common home style in Santa Barbara is the mid-century modern home style. A defining characteristic of this style is the clean minimalist design, emphasizing the building materials, including stone, concrete, steel, and wood. A mid-century modern makes it possible to display a unique combination of colors, wherein a neutral color such as dark gray and beige is the backdrop and bold and vibrant such as aqua, orange, and bright green work as the accents. 

As you can tell, every home style calls for a different interior design and landscaping. Consequently, your style of home will determine the best color scheme, the color tones, and the palette that complements the overall aesthetics of your property. 

With the above in mind, you should note that  building a house in Santa Barbara requires a particular style suitable for that particular Santa Barbara look. Importantly, it requires a homeowner to hire professional builders experienced in crafting a space in adherence to the tenets of the home style.

Our builders at Associated Construction have been building homes in Santa Barbara for decades. So when it comes to finding someone qualified to get that Santa Barbara style home, we’ve got you covered.