Kitchens are the heart of a home and should be made with love. Whatever style you want from farmhouse to modern, your kitchen needs to handle everything you throw at it. A great kitchen makes your life easier, designed to be intuitive, functional and accommodating to any occasion.

Kitchen Remodeling

Have a non-standard sized appliance? That’s a non-issue! Want to speak with an expert about the latest design innovations in cabinet hinge installation? More questions about kitchen remodeling? Shane might even pay you for that conversation if you offer him some scones.

The kitchen is one of the main rooms of your interior. Cooking, expressing your creativity or sharing good times with your loved ones, cooking is essential on a daily basis. However, conceiving it can sometimes seem difficult. This is why Associated SB supports you in picking the different components of your kitchen.

We’ll make sure your kitchen looks and works exactly as you need it to, without any compromises. Your house’s heart (and stomach) are our specialty.

Our Kitchen Projects

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modern grey and white wooden kitchen interior