Decks add enormous value to your home and can grow the square footage immensely. A great deck can make your home feel bigger, newer and more inviting. Santa Barbara homes need outside spaces where you can enjoy the stunning weather year round. Gazebos are an oasis, secluded while still being outside and immersed in the land. Whether you want a deck or a gazebo they need to be built to stand up to the elements and pleasing to the eye. We use the best outdoor products and ensure your outdoor spaces are ready for whatever the seasons bring.


Want to keep it grounded? Our specialty is to design and install gazebos to make sure your outdoor experience is improved at any level. Whether it’s for a fire pit or simply a rustic place to sit and relax, we’ll make sure you’re getting what you’re hoping for above all. Unless you’re hoping for splinters.

Our Decks & Gazebos Projects

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